3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Bill Mould says:

    James helped me to visualize what I wanted. Listened carefully and worked closely with me to develop a design which went beyond my expectations. His execution was completely professional: on time, beautifully crafted and elegant. I would hire James again in a quick minute. Flawless.

  2. jomi says:

    James is a very talented guy, he has the creativity, knowledge and ability to build almost “anything” that you want. In my case I had a very difficult space and I wanted a desk in the middle. He came to take measurements, then came with a foam model that rehearsed before building the real one… what a great idea, we modified little details and then a few day later it was ready to install. He has such a passion for doing all perfect, he thinks and surpasses his client’s expectations. This desk is a unique piece of art, that looks beautiful and modern. James is a guy that I highly recommend. Jomi

  3. Frank Asher says:

    My grandfather’s rocking chair was falling a part.
    Once James got his hands on it, it was taken a part and put back together without a hitch!
    What a gift he has as a carpenter.

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